Release Notes 10/26

Hey there!

William from the Customer Success team here! We’ve got some new features and bug fixes being rolled out in our next update to Fulfil. Find out about them below:


Report Templates

It’s now possible to edit report templates within Fulfil. Users will now have the ability to edit templates from the Fulfil user interface.If you would like more information, please reach out to our support team at


Sale Order Reference will now appear in supplier shipments. This helps customers who backorder for filling specific customer orders — usually known as a cross dock.

You can also search for supplier shipments by their reference.

Feature Improvements

Match Payment

It is now possible to allocate credit notes and a Skip Page button has been added to go to the next page of invoices. This makes matching payments for accounts that have hundreds of open invoices easier.

US Address Validation

As a premium add-on service, we now offer validation of all US addresses. You can find out more information on this service by contacting your account manager.


  • The landed cost module now displays the related journal entry and works with multi-currency expenses.
  • With this version it is now possible to refund a customer from the contact page and associate the refund with a sale order and a payment method on that order.
  • Balance sheets now display current year earnings as a level 1 item.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed customers and suppliers tab on the contact screen to exclude archived contacts.
  • The shipment splitting logic has been improved to handle back orders for cross-dock.
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