Pro-forma Packing Slips

Our customers have been telling us how they have been using Packing Slips to often pick products from the warehouse.

While this should work in most cases, the Packing slip itself is not “final” until the shipment reaches the Packed state — where it is not possible to add/remove or modify items on the shipment. This leads to confusion, especially when customer support teams may have modified items on an order and the Packing slip won’t reflect the changes till the shipment is packed.

Our recommended best practice remains to use Picking lists to pick items and Packing slips outside the box, printed at the end of the Pick, Pack, Ship workflow.

Example of Packing slip outside the box (Courtesy: Uline)

However, if you are in the habit of printing Packing slips (without Picking lists), then you will notice that the title of the packing slip will be “Pro-forma Packing Slip” when the shipment is in an editable state. Editable states of a shipment are “Draft” (obviously), “Waiting” and “Assigned”.

Once the shipment is packed, the title will change to “Packing Slip”.